let's tell a story. 

if you’ve spent more than a few minutes on my blog, resume, or instagram, you know that i have passion for creation and adventure. i'm all about living life to the fullest, loving with vulnerability, and exploring what it means to be wild.

If this message speaks to you or your brand, we should be friends. 


I specialize in creating articles, blog posts, and other forms of creative content for meaningful brands. My favorite topics include the outdoors, food, travel, health, yoga, fitness, and music. 

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Have a project that needs a fresh eye? I provide copy and content editing services for a variety of genres and mediums. Past clients include yogis, wellness experts, musicians, and creative nonfiction and fiction writers. 


I love helping brands strengthen their voice through picture and image. If you have a direction and want your website or social media platforms to match, then I’m your girl.