love + sex

man repeller - swinging didn’t go away, it just has a new name

man repeller - why do i care about what i look like during sex?

hello giggles - how and why i chose to talk to my partner about my eating disorder

hello giggles - there’s a scientific reason why your relationship may be giving you anxiety

on our moon - what pcos taught me about my womanhood

on our moon - my partner, his ex, their son, & me

wanderlust - mindfulness, masturbation, and #metoo: own your sexuality

wanderlust - a necessary guide for sexual self-care with meika holldender

wanderlust - seize the opportunity to listen to your loneliness

food + wine

saveur - the best canned cocktails you can absolutely take anywhere

saveur - perfect california peaches

sapling - cozy up to these 5 wines

wanderlust - kevin callaghan translates the ethos of yoga to food

wanderlust - 5 overnight oats to lighten up morning

wanderlust - the story behind bulletproof coffee

lifestyle + work

wanderlust - letter to a recovering perfectionist

wanderlust - how miki agrawal turned her life into an empire

wanderlust - what we mean when we say clean beauty

wanderlust - what is reiki, and why is energy healing so important

wanderlust - just breathe: ashley neese on the benefits of breathwork

wanderlust - shorter days, longer nights: how to embrace scorpio season

wanderlust - why am i wanderlusted

wanderlust -a simple sutra for tackling anxiety

wanderlust - fostering yoga in all the right places  

five tattvas - documentation vs. experience

five tattvas - delight in the body

five tattvas - finding identity in material possessions

five tattvas - to be open or happy

do you yoga - 7 reasons yogis love to travel

do you yoga - 4 poses to help you prep for firefly


maille - holiday dishes done right

maille - the joy of slow cooking

dr. praeger’s - meals to excite all five sense

dr. praeger's - the dinner party redone

epic - animals are what they eat

epic - whole animal, whole meal

epic - an epicly conscious carnivore

epic - 7 commandments for healthy eating

organix - ingredients for pets and humans

buddha pants - make you dance

sweet spot labs - saying yes to you


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